In God's Loving Car, Press'd Up Against

by Libythth



Borbid Torpor Undertainment has dragged out a never before released Libythth album from its long forgotten synth-punk period.

In God’s Loving Car, Press'd Up Against was recorded in 1998 on ADAT tape (lol) at the California Recording Institute in San Francisco with the help of a dude named Eric.

This album is a trip back in time to when Libythth was a fictional rock band fronted by voaclist Advil rather than a digital drum entity. Equal parts odd and aggressive with Advil's pointy lyrics suggesting vaguely specific dissatisfaction with music itself, anxiety about moving to different cities, how to operate a synthesizer, insects laying eggs in the pants of ravers, and a song about Alanis Morrisette.

No attempt was ever made to release this record commercially and only one or two tapes were circulated to elite persons. Several live performances of these songs happened in Phoenix circa 1997. This free download is expected to generate as little interest now as it would have then.

Fuck the 90s

Peace to Advil, wherever you are


released September 1, 1998



all rights reserved


Libythth Los Angeles, California

Libythth was bornt in 1993 from a grim and frothy pool of unpleasant synth patches.

The profound impact Libythth had on electronic music is purely theoretical and the full prunt of its influence on countless nonexistent artists will never be measured.

We occupy an inaccessible hidden level and you probably shouldn’t be here.

We are unbeknownstmost.

This page marks our grave.
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Track Name: grouchy uncomfortable
me having such good time it’s bout to get raucous
if i get enough support i might run for office
it seem like you like this, the big surprise is
sneaking up behind you it’s bouncy and it’s colorful

bouncy colorful
grouchy uncomfortable

i’ll put on my big boots, jump around in your yard
suckers come from miles around to point and laugh
that never bothers me, i don’t know any better
lay down in a pile of leaves and sleep through the whole winter
Track Name: fresh rubbed
cut out shapes to affix to one another
slanted awkward slabs of foam rubber
lengthwise cut along perforated line
i sent mine to the shredder

years ago they tried to stare into the end of things like this
it seemed fine, looked like nothing most of the time

bet you want to know why this got so dumb all of a sudden
smooth like the way oatmeal feels sliding into my stomach
i like the way fresh batteries sound when they’re rubbed together
everyone else likes the old stuff better

shiny new recording device i want to lay my hands all over
vast amounts of energy spent to push a button

god damn god damn sonofabitch

cut out shapes to affix to one another
each is only slightly different from the last one
cut out shapes to affix to one another
each is only slightly different from the last one

can’t stand, i just can’t stand it
Track Name: fast first
hey sport, i got a damn thing for you
going out to the one who’s never gonna hear this
is going after success will end up under a desk

up fast, we’re coming up fast
in first, we’re coming in first
up fast, we’re coming up fast
in first, we’re coming in first

slipped in to the office party, put my ass cheeks on the color copier
a week later they’re playing this crap in the elevator
and i got fired

up fast, we’re coming up fast
in first, we’re coming in first
up fast, we’re coming up fast
in first, we’re coming in first

your shirt says life is a sport
sometimes you get your big helmet knocked off
and your head get crushed for being in suchafuckin rush
Track Name: dry ice winter
two extremes in weather

leaving behind the temperature i hate
one third of the year all you hear is the
screech of metal forks on dry ice
and have to walk around in that
no matter where you go there’s certain days
when you just don’t even go outside
that’s when you say
so glad you can pay someone to keep the plant running

no matter where you go there’s certain days
when you just don’t even go outside
one third of the year all you hear is the
screech of metal forks on dry ice

two extremes in weather
Track Name: underground lab is badd
look forward to
notheing better in the nearby future
i shall hold it up
over my head and find a better place to stickit
my labatory, underground is a place i never have to
give a shit about notheing
my very own air tight high tech pod

we’ll invite you all to check it out
give you vitamins and minerals
now’s the time
to administer the high pitch tone

ah take a picture of it
because no one will remember what happened
hypnotize each other
now’s a good time to behave all stupid
think twice about ingesting hallucinogens
no sympathy for a bad trip
we’ll convince you all that you’re gonna die

underground lab is bad
Track Name: free info
boredom is such bad disease
terrible sad me don’t care why
cough up schemes to stop the threads
what get inside my organs
if you catch me watching show
promise to poke out both my eyes
as soon as they grow back
i will provide free info

free info

free info
heaped upon you
while supplies last
it’s about time
if you send away in time
you’ll recieve nice things to look at
that sparkle and vibrate
guaranteed increase in size

drop it
Track Name: rotten unfortunate
go ahead have your way
follow them where they go
push your way up to the front
memorize all the words
that’s it that’s all it’s over
i’m so disappointed
not nearly as good i don’t think
as i remember

now that you’re safe for the air
you brought a tear to my eye
ran out and played in traffic
i was killed instantly

rotten unfortunate
Track Name: alanis
staggering famousness
worldwide vocalist
seemingly unfazed by
sudden attractiveness

staggering famousness
worldwide vocalist
seemingly unfazed by
sudden magneticness

never get sick or tired of attention
wanted to find out more
i looked her up on the web


then the screen flickered
three white stripes appeared
all the way down both of her sleeves

simultaneously she sent a line to me
jagged little thought, copyrighted song

Track Name: fluorescent yellow flag
when’s a good time?
here’s a good time
now’s a good time
now would be fine
unleash the horrible
release the obnoxious
fly fluorescent yellow flag

noise makes me shudder

can’t stand the sound, frequency clutter
don’t be exposed to too much
we like the hot much as the dry
light makes me cry

chop my own head off with
fluorescent yellow blace
cancel my whole nervous system
cross my name off the list with
blackish blue magic marker
cancel my entire credit history

cancel this quick
pull the plug on it
Track Name: spaz of az
spaz of az comes up through my floor
runs eliptically round my neck
spaz of az comes when dumb things happen
when they stop i go right to sleep

i could count on one hand
the number of times i didn’t end up so tired
i could count on one hand
the number of hours i managed to stay awake today

outside we play drums that are
soft inside

outside we wear shirts that are
dry inside

spaz of az was not right for me
then they stop, i go right to sleep
Track Name: ears inside ears
searing pain
ears inside ears

oh, me oh my, as i feared
shooting pain in the ear inside my ear
and i jumped to my feet in the dark
stepped on something sharp

stepped on something
something sharp

oh, there it is, as i feared
slow leak from the ear inside my ear
i ran out in the street in a towel
the number one point was suppoised to be
to closely inspect for quality
and avoid to the utmost of my ability
stepping on anything sharp

stepped on something
something sharp
pressed right hand onto
red hot burner
roasted fingerprints off of
palm of my hand
broke through skin on
bottom of my foot

kick it
Track Name: go flappy
thank you for coming
i’m glad you could make it here

peel yourself an orange
place a tiny microphone up close
feel the hairs on your arms stand up
as you begin increasing volume smooth

some like to recieve the gift of fresh fruit
cause it’s waxy on the surface
as soon as they heard this in the wind
their ear go flappy

flappy flappy

girls and boys with headphones on
they stand around and wait for cars with bass
to wisk them off to rave

collapse in piles of fruit
and when the a.m. light shows through
the bees and ants arrive

cloudlike swarms of insects come from land and air
descend upon them kids while they suck breath mints
when no one is looking eggs hatch in their pants

go flappy
flappy flappy
Track Name: yur doomd
on the move, then stall
it’s all for much
first they stare then clap and say
ooh won’t you come back
it takes me long, in the mirror
there appears the beard
then i go stand in the crowded intersection
to fling poop

hundreds upon thousands of times
these sounds almost design themselves
more possibilities than a combination lock
we rock as soon as we enter any room
inform them that we’re glad to be doomed

don’t us assume
we’re doomed
just fine up until 999

new years day
the odometer flipped, the streets were clogged with emergency vehicles
but everyone’s okay

Track Name: casio lesson
why don’t we do it in the road

there are two basic methods for creating your own sound
using the sythesizer you can either select a sample sound that is
already close to the type o tone that you wanna use
then alter it until it suits your taste
or else combine the various tone elements
to synthesize a brand new sound right from the begining

here’s the first part where we will explain the
first method of altering a sample sound should
make it easier for you to understand
how sound synthesis actually works

squeezed from a tube, artificial automatic classic
as it sticks out like big nipples
and ripples like liquid crystal
audio massage
might have to admit that it emits from the basement
back porch or a garage


authorized official permission
effective september first 1998
between the hours of five and nine pacific time
stick out your face and whistle

camp out a radio shack, tear the pages out of magazines
cause we don’t have no web page
sometimes we just drink coffee and fart
cause we don’t have no sampler yet