It's My Beak EP

by Libythth

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In 2012 Libythth thrust a valiant stab at pop accessibility and this is what it sounds like. It’s My Beak is its first and only 12” vinyl release, on Phthalo Records, accompanied by that crazy raving cartoon duck video. It effectively demonstrates the impressive stealth capabilities which render Libythth 99.999% invisible to all forms of cultural radar.

if I didn't personally hand you a copy then you probably didn't know this record exists - unless you happen to be this guy called plaidzebra who reviewed it on Discogs. He uses the word twisted twice so you know this shit is double twisted my dude!

"Libythth's "It's My Beak" EP is something unique and special, a collision of twisted, experimental electronics and pop. Twisted electronics and mutated voice samples ride over catchy grooves, playful and inventive in equal measure. "It's My Beak" should be a party classic by now. Before you hear "Keep On Pressing On" you might think that "I Feel Love" is too obvious a record to sample, but the context into which Libythth weaves Donna Summer's vocal seems inevitable. Despite the hilarious and eye catching video for "It's My Beak," this EP slipped under the radar. Click that youtube link and see if "It's My Beak" doesn't worm its way into the deepest recesses of your mind to lay a mood-lifting Kasio egg. "


released June 26, 2012



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Libythth Los Angeles, California

Libythth was bornt in 1993 from a grim and frothy pool of unpleasant synth patches.

The profound impact Libythth had on electronic music is purely theoretical and the full prunt of its influence on countless nonexistent artists will never be measured.

We occupy an inaccessible hidden level and you probably shouldn’t be here.

We are unbeknownstmost.

This page marks our grave.
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